Listen to the latest Lake Wylie Waterfront Market Update from Andy Reynolds:

Summary of Video:

October Lake Wylie Waterfront Homes Market Update
From Andy Reynolds, Lake Wylie Waterfront Specialist

Current as of 10/30/2012

List Price Range $185,000 to 7.5M
Homes on the market:  103
Sold Properties YTD:  74
Under Contract: 16
Total Homes YTD: 90
Closed to List Price Ratio: 94%


Compared to 2011:

Sold Properties YTD: 61
Total Sold Properties 2011 67
 Closed to list price ratio: 90%


Homes sold 2012 vs 2011:

Price Range Comparison: 2011 2012
Less than $500 28 29
$500K to $750K 25 26
$750K to $1M 1 4


Buy now while prices are still low!
And if you have a good waterfront property with deep water, and wish to sell, please let me know if the home will become available so that we can find a buyer for you in the Spring.

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